Jacques Britt

Every single detail proves the level of ambition that makes Jacques Britt exceptional.

Jacques Britt has been setting standards for almost five decades. The high-quality materials underline the brand's deep appreciation for quality and substance. You will find elegant, first-class fabrics from leading European manufacturers, mostly from Italy. Exclusive designs, classic silhouettes and a variety of different collars; Jacques Britt creates masterpieces that are meant to inspire.

Quality defines the difference between style and fashion. Jacques Britt is worn by sophisticated men and women with a unique sense of style. No matter where - in European hotspots, at the airport, in the office or after work - Jacques Britt translates business and smart casual into products that are suited for every occasion. Above all, individuality is what counts.


Jacques Britt offers two seasonsal collections per year, as well as a comprehensive stock service offering.